I designed this mood board for iPhone, focusing on the minimalistic design that iPhone incorporates into its products. I wanted to convey how sleek iPhones are.
I designed this meme for Sodalicious, incorporating two of their major brand colors, Sodalicious Red and an industrial grey. I used a minimalistic style to make the message loud and clear.
These are just two of the six or so buttons I’ve designed for mixologists to wear. These presented a challenge in trying to maintain the Sodalicious brand of irreverence while making the message clear on such a small space.

A menu I designed for a catering event. Bold yet simple, it communicates everything consumers need without being boring.


One of my favorite “trendy” designs right now is marble. I love how sophisticated it looks and how versatile it can be. Here I used it as the background for a business card.


I created this print ad featuring the iPhone 7 Plus and highlighting the new Portrait Mode. I did all the photoshop work for the image, and wrote the text. The ad is directed towards young adults ages 18-30.
This magazine spread is simple, but elegant. (Can you tell I love minimalistic design?) The photo of Mrs. Obama is stunning enough, I didn’t want to clutter it with excessive design on the other page.
I created this flyer for the McKay School of Education at BYU. I love the color blocking and simple design that utilizes BYU’s colors.