the one whom my soul loves

it’s been a while, friends…

in the time I’ve been gone, I got accepted to the public relations program at BYU, finished my second year of college and best of all…


on july 8, Cardon and I entered the Provo City Center Temple as fiancé’s and left as husband and wife, sealed together for all of time and eternity. best. day. ever!

despite the 100°+ heat, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. from getting ready with my mom in the bride’s room, to waiting with Cardon in the celestial room while our family and friends arrived, to listening to the sealer testify of the sacredness and reality of temples—everything was absolutely perfect.

after having pictures and video footage taken by the amazing Taynee Miller and Kaylor, we headed to our reception venue for a quick bite to eat and toasts by our families. then the fun began! we danced, ate cake and partied with our friends and family. what a night; an exhausting, crazy and perfect night.

since then, we’ve cruised to Key West and Cozumel, partied with our friends in Tallahassee and settled into our apartment in Provo. here’s to one month of marriage! I love you always and forever, Cardon.


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