welcome to the roaring ’20s

first things first—I’m feelin’ so grateful right now. let me tell you why.

on Saturday I celebrated my 20th birthday with my sweet husband, and it could not have been more perfect! I got to sleep in until around 11 am, which was much needed after being at work on Friday at 7 am. never underestimate the magic of a good night’s rest.

after that, we got ready and headed to Provo’s favorite Korean BBQ joint, Cup Bop. anyone who knows my family can attest that we don’t really adventure with our foods (at least my mom doesn’t 😉) so it was fun branching out and eating some yummy Korean food! I discovered I love Korean noodles—yay for trying new things! (let’s be real though, what kind of noodle do I not love??)

(ignore my poor chopstick etiquette.)

following our food adventure, we rushed to the Provo City Center temple to do a session. I feel so blessed to live so close to so many temples! I am amazed by the Spirit that permeates the temple. it was only my second time doing an endowment session since receiving my own endowment, so I was a little nervous still. but let me tell y’all, there is such peace in the temple! even though it’s all a little new to me, I felt so much peace and Heavenly Father’s love for me while there.  even better than just being in the temple, was being there with Cardon. I sure do love that man! so grateful I married a priesthood holder who can accompany me to the temple. so grateful to know of the restored gospel. so grateful for the eternal nature of temple ordinances!

(s/o to lds.org for this photo because I forgot to take some 😭)

at this point, I didn’t think the day could get any better, but surprise surprise, Cardon is the best, and the day got better! if you know me, you know I love puppies. Cardon drove us up to the Puppy Barn in American Fork for some puppy lovin’. (now, I know the Puppy Barn is problematic, but that’s an issue for another day, and sometimes you just need some puppy snuggles, you feel?)

honestly, felt like I died and went to heaven. puppies. everywhere. from boxadors to mini aussies to yorkie poos to english mastiffs, there were so many cutie litters! I was seriously so happy. one of my favorite puppies we held was the runt of the golden doodle litter. s/he was so cute and cuddly.

but the real joy of the Puppy Barn was Theo, a precious and inquisitive catahoula texas heeler with one blue eye and one brown eye who we absolutely fell in love with. he was so smart and cuddly and feisty too. we had such a nice time playing with him, so much so that we almost took him home with us! unfortunately our apartment doesn’t allow for pets, except for service animals, so we’ll have to wait until we move to add a lil pupper to our lives. if that wasn’t the case though, we would have adopted him on the spot!

we ended the night with some yummy dinner at Tucanos, a Brazilian Steakhouse in Provo. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much food in my life. between the pão de queijo, all the delicious meats, and the grilled pineapple, I couldn’t eat fast enough! it was so yummy. I’m so lucky to have Cardon and the way he treats me like a queen! hashtag blessed.

there you have it—why I’m feelin’ grateful today. I love celebrating every day with Cardon and I love our little family!

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